Welcome to London ManMassage™

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 10.36.13A simple touch has a powerful effect, generating feelings of love and connection, its no wonder a body to body massage can be so effective.


Harnessing the powers of touch to aid circulation, ease stiff muscles without pain or discomfort, access a calm, meditative mindset and direct sexual energy [the power of desire], a skilful body to body therapist will use their intuition and experience to safely guide you toward one connective state of ‘being’, in a unique form of therapeutic healing.


Drawing from Sports and Therapeutic techniques as well as Tao and Tantric massage traditions, ManMassage acknowledges and promotes the inclusion of Sensual and Erotic touch as a deeper form of this intensive healing bond, in a professional, non-emotional exchange without the complications of negotiating egos and within the boundaries not barriers established at the start of every session.


London ManMassage invites you to a man to man, full body contact, non-macho, open, unguarded and sincere form of physical and psychological connection that de-stresses and stimulates both body and mind and reboots the entire central nervous system in a unique and effective form of physical therapy and mental well-being.

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As a gay-leaning bisexual male/men masseur I am very open-minded and always adapt to your particular needs or fantasies with absolute consideration and respect – your personal beliefs, experience, sexual preference, faith, age and race are irrelevant to me.


The London ManMassage website is designed for you to take a stroll through the labyrinth of my own experience of the art of touch and the rich traditions of the practice of massage therapy.