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Hi I’m Mark, founder-practitioner at London ManMassage (incorporating London Sensual Massage)


I have 14 years experience as a masseur and body worker, with qualifications in traditional, Swedish, Shiatsu, Tantric and Sports Therapy techniques, having trained at The London School of Massage; The Kathmandu Centre of Healing, Nepal; Phenkhae Thai Massage School, Bangkok; and Central School of Yoga, Sydney, Australia.


As my yoga and other body therapy experience have taught me, a high consciousness of your body and a respect for its subtle complexities means I always approach new clients with a fully open mind, so that your own unique physical, emotional and intellectual/spiritual needs are always a priority.


At London ManMassage I stress the importance of trust and respect and I must repeat again that your sexual orientation, beliefs, experience and origins are of absolutely no importance to me. The only interest your particularities hold is in defining and focussing your therapeutic needs.


Body and touch therapy are dynamic processes that require development and practice, and although you will feel huge positive effects from day one, they also require patience and perseverance, particularly with ManMassage where the degree of trust and intimacy can continue to grow, open up, and blossom.


I seldom do more than two sessions in a day, such is the focus and energy I invest in forming that intuitive connection and sharing of vital energy with you. ManMassage is a passion and my dedication is based on the rewards I get from the physicality and non-emotional intimacy that allow me to facilitate a liberating mental and physical experience which will leave you in awe.


That’s my kick, and I love it.



November 2015