What is ManMassage? 

ManMassage defines the holistic inclusion and promotion of sensual and erotic massage traditions and techniques as essential to any therapeutic, holistic massage practice. In order to fully re-boot the central nervous system and enable the intense sense of well-being that follows, a strong bond of trust and confidence needs to be established between body therapist and client, usually in a very short space of time.


A level of mutual being is achieved through an intensely open and trusting physical and psychological connection. Only then is it possible to begin the dynamic process of stimulation, relaxation and de-stressing of both mind and body which will culminate in the ultimate release that a climax achieves in rebooting the entire central nervous system, and delivering a sensational, sensory and holistic experience of mental and physical well-being.


Contemporary society and an unregulated massage industry have created a taboo around what is seen as ‘pure’ massage and what is considered inappropriate. This is very basely summed up in the feeble adolescent quip about happy endings which so readily springs to everyone’s mind. As I point out in my article Happy Endings or New Beginnings?, this pervasive ambiguity around boundaries regarding sensual and erotic touch undermines their serious value as a therapeutic and healing exchange between consenting adults in a professional, controlled environment. As a relatively modern puritanical construct, it also completely ignores the rich history and tradition of erotic touch from cultures around the world.


At ManMassage we unite these worlds of touch to deliver the ultimate in therapeutic experiences, which includes sports, tao, and tantric massage techniques. Removing ambiguities and emphasising the control, focus and intuition of a practitioner fully experienced in all these forms, and themselves unbounded by these restrictions** – we create an open environment based on love and respect, guided by the principles of honesty, openness and willingness.


There is no other way of achieving this level of therapy. By tapping directly into this sexual energy, whilst crucially averting any emotional, social or ego barriers, an absolute trust and openness allows the power of this raw energy to act in its purest form to regenerate and rejuvenate both mind and body.


This cannot be taught, it requires a completely neutral non-judgemental moral state of being, absent of any value-structured discourses. Amoral. ??

Same as meditation – therapist must rise above their own “voices” and obstacles, moral, personal, physiological, and physical in order to drive both bodies to the optimum energy levels for any effective treatment of dis-ease and the simultaneous stimulation of ecstasy and elation.