Enhanced and directed by a skilful massage therapist, ManMassage Body Therapy may involve any number of massage techniques, traditions or philosophies, and focusses on physical manipulations that increase blood flow, stimulate nerve regeneration, relax muscle fibre and release embedded toxins (muscle ‘knots’) which both requires and results in consciously shifting your mindset From Dis-ease to At ease – the specific place that is your unique Island of Calm. Together we can practice Creative Visualisation so you can learn to return to this place at will.


For an idea of the rich, diverse histories of massage traditions from which ManMassage has grown, I have compiled a simple list, with brief summary links, of the many different massage orientations that each in its own way leads to some form of meditative, healing, relaxation, tension-easing, de-stressing aims, with the added promise of some form of liberation or transcendence whether it be over immediate stresses, innate subconscious urges, long-term unresolved curiosities or fantasies, and towards a philosophical or spiritual promise of transformation (in a humanist sense of its effectiveness in the present, in innate goodness and a need for love, opening our eyes to the limitation of ancient superstitions and suspicious greed of the present. and and a or shift in our abilities or skills to process and manage life’s paradoxical complexities, to attain a clearer perspective and deeper insight into how we each process and give power to our realities through our attitudes, beliefs and fears.


Importantly, a sense of well-being, or an aspiration towards well-being begins with insight into the complex spectrum of one’s own desires and needs. ManMassage – from a one-off session to a further guided journey of exploration – acknowledges all of these but INSISTS ON addressing the ancient link between DESIRE and NON-EMOTIONAL PHYSICAL MANIPULATION of the BODY SYSTEM. INTIMACY in the FORM OF UNBOUNDED TOUCH (BOUNDARIES NOT BARRIERS). Challenges social taboo’s around this very important route to life’s boundless energy – harnessed from the Big Bang whose atoms make up your body!



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